Biotrans S.A. is a privately-owned company founded in 2003 and granted by European Funds as original and pioneer business idea. Since then, we have been chosen by the authorities as a good business example of Women Entrepreneurs.


Our company offer Health services with credibility and continuous evolvement, driven by the full satisfaction of those you trusted us every day.



Our company offers a wide range of complete solutions and services in the Forensics field.


Through our collaboration with Promega Corp, we can cover the fields of genomics, protein analysis and expression, cellular analysis, drug discovery with a portfolio of more than 2.000 products. Promega is a global leader in providing innovative solutions and technical support to life scientists in academic and industrial settings.

Molecular Biology Applications

Our company BIOTRANS SA, started in 2003 as the first company specialized in the transport of biological substances. Today with an extensive network in Greece and Cyprus we can serve the daily needs of Health Units, Research Institutes, Organizations, Pharmaceutical Companies, Individuals 365/365 24/24.