Α true pioneer in human identification and forensics, Promega offers complete solutions for DNA typing from sample preparation to STR amplification and detection, and advanced data analysis software.

Α unique tool to solve each unique case .


Edge Technology inside a CHIP!

Everything you need for the DNA typing and Human Identification is inside the FlexPlex CHIP and is fully compatible with the ANDE Rapid DNA Analysis Instrument.


Being the only Company worldwide, Randox presents its unique technology of the Biochip Array which permits the simultaneous detection of multiple drug classes from a single specimen. Offering the most advanced screening technology on the market, Randox has six drugs of abuse biochip arrays capable of detecting over 500 drugs.


SERATEC® offers a range of high quality products for the rapid detection of human bodily fluids. These test kits are suitable for both laboratory and crime scene examination and have best references from the leading forensic laboratories worldwide.