The ultimate marketing tool for diagnostic labs.

Taking advantage of our long term experience and expertise, we offer for the first time in Greece kitting services specialized for the specific need of each lab.

Based on the test and the sample life time, we create a kit with lab logo which include all the necessary materials for sampling, complies with the regulation requirements and secure the safe transport.

Our Kitting services can apply in

  • Self -sampling tests
  • Test provided in drugs stores
  • Expand sales abroad
  • Samplify affiliate doctors network
  • Secure transport conditions

Please contact us for more informations:

Ready To-Go

We offer a variety of packaging solutions for the transportation of biological materials that support the diagnosis procedure.

We provide packaging solutions which comply with the requirements for the transportation of infectious substances and diagnostic specimens.

Please contact us in order to detect the appropriate solution starting from primary containers, bags, absorbents materials, external containers etc.