Diagnosis &

For each type of PCR (end-point, qPCR, RT-PCR, Real-Time PCR) we have a wide variety of enzymes -Taq, Hotstart Taq, Reverse Transcriptases- buffers & master mixes that will meet the needs of any research protocol.


Large variety of systems for investigating changes in cell growth, energy metabolism, viability & cytotoxicity. An important tool in oncology research that is the gold standard in the study & detection of microsatellite instability is the MSI Kit by Promega. The PCR method and the simultaneous amplification of seven genetic markers in a single reaction may be the first evidence of MMR dysfunction.

Applied & Enviromental Sciences

Detection of microbial contamination on food, water and other environmental samples using leading edge technologies based on ATP measurements.

Food and Plants Gmo Detection

Complete information of food quality and safety based on high quality DNA purification systems from food ingredients, processed foods and plants samples.


We offer Promega’s solutions for every processing step for the Next Generation Sequencing: nucleic acid extraction for input into NGS library preparation, quantitate DNA or RNA, confirmation of your NGS run.

Maxwell RSC Instrument

Simple, Fast, Reliable, the perfect tool for Diagnostic & Research Labs

A fully automated system for the nucleic acid (gDNA, RNA, ccfDNA, miRNA,viral TNA) & proteins purification. Maxwell uses paramagnetic particles to perform isolation from a great variety of samples (human blood, tissues, cells).

Maxwell can process 1–48 samples simultaneously using fast protocols of less than an hour, with a user friendly software, comes with an integrated system for the sample quantitation.